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Hair transplant is actually the restoring mechanism of hair growth permanently as hair loss is the hot prime issue of every third person. In this process the grafts and follicles of hair are transplanted and harvested to the weak bald areas of scalp in order to generate the new cells and tissues of the scalp.Hair Transplant Islamabad

Nowadays where personal appearances matters a lot, people are also facing hair fall/ hair loss problem because of artificial products opulent with chemicals. But there is no need to get worried about hair fall and bald problems as the advanced medical field have superb solution and treatments for hair transplant.

There are many advanced medicaments and surgeries, after going through them, one can easily get hat of desired pretty hair. Besides of specific countries, in our mother Homeland Pakistan is also blessed with expertise in this revolutionized medical filed. Hair hub provides superb services of hair transplant in Pakistan with 100% results now onwards no need to feel shy and hesitated because of baldness and hair loss. Hair hub is having all the supreme solutions of your insecurities regarding hair fall or loss.  Visit our Hair hub clinic and grab this golden chance of crowning your head with appealing and artful hair without any side effects fear.

Hair hub is one the best clinic of hair transplant which only prioritize the quality of work, satisfaction and comfort of its clients. The entire staff of it is so well trained, proficient in their work, fully equipped, fully hygiene and acknowledged with all advanced treatments and surgeries. Hair hub provides the best services to its patient with high satisfaction rate.

Surgeries And Treatments of Hair Transplant:

Hair hub offers various treatments and surgeries of hair transplant i.e.

  1. ECM
  2. PRP
  3. FUE
  4. FUT


  1. ECM: ECM is one of the advanced treatment in the world of hair transplant. ECM is extra cellular matrix in which the three proteins i.e., Laminin, Collagen, and fibronectin are injected into the scalp to regenerate the hair growth for long terms. When ECM is diluted in the scalp it forms scaffold design which let the bone narrow cells got attracted. This process helps the hair to firm the hair root cells and generate new blood vessels, collagens and skin cells with normal hair growth cycle.
  2. PRP: Platelet rich plasma treatment is considered so popular as in this process the plasma helps the scalp to regulate hair cell growth with the help of activated calcium chloride, IFG and FGF.

PRP Acell:

Acell is the activated porcine derived powder having the same properties of stem cell which regenerate the hair growth cells.

In this further advanced and classified PRP treatment the surgeon inject the serum into the scalp of the patient which is the liquor solution of concentrate PRP and Acell. It helps in nursing and nourishing the damaged hair follicles with that also results in thickening the hair too. The staff of hair hub is much experienced and well trained.

Process of PRP:

This treatment will have the three phases.

Firstly the blood of a patient (60- 100ml) will be taken. Then the blood will be centrifuged in order to separate the red, white blood cell and plasma too. As plasma helps in making antigens which helps the body to heal up the wound or injured cells.

In the next step the controlled estimated wound will be made in the scalp of a patient after anesthetizing the wound which further stimulate the plasma to recover the wounded cells. With the invention of a micro needle roller named “Scalp roller”, PRP treatment has been made painless and time saving for surgeons.

In the last step the collected plasma is again injected into the patient scalp so that in this way the hair follicles and stimulated cells are exposed to more healing cells that yield in growth of new hair. PRP is not merely effective in hair growth but it also contributes in hair thickening.  There will be no medication course after the therapy/treatment which seems like a silver line in a grey cloud towards patient.

Hair Transplant Islamabad pakistan

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

Follicular unit transplant is the name of surgery which is the hair restoration technique in which our surgeon removes a strip of donor skin from which to extract individual follicular units to be transferred to the areas of hair loss with stereo micro phobic dissection without the other cells being damaged. One of the best point of this FUT treatment is that its process is so naturally conducted that no one can even get a clue of hair transplant which results in the confidence gaining of a patient throughout the life without hair restoration flaws. This treatment is considered as one of the most best recommended option in the field of hair restoration process.

Advantages of FUT:

1. It helps in maximizing hair growth.

  1. Helps in sustaining the naturalness throughout the transplantation.
  2. Estimated density of hair donor strip is being grafted.
  3. Extra tissues will be removed easily.
  4. Needle made incisions are made without removing any tissue.
  5. All this process helps in maintaining the elasticity of scalp so that the grafted hair will sustained perfectly with good supply of oxygen from the surrounding cells.
  6. It offers maximum fullness result.
  7. It is less costly? Expensive than FUE.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

Follicular Unit extraction is one of the primary hair transplant surgery, it is also known as FT (follicular transfer). In this process the individual follicles from the back of the scalp are harvested and transplant to the weak donor hair area by our surgeons .This procedure is minimal invasive with no visible scars but more labor intensive.

Advantages of FUE:

  1. In this process, the wound or harvested (grafted area) will heal in a very short time.
  2. Say good bye permanently to the baldness or less volumatic hair.
  3. It is minimal Invasive.
  4. Scars are invisible.
  5. The donor areas are multiple.

Success Rate of Hair Transplant:

The results of the hair transplant all depends on the hair quality of a patient donor area. Donor area is the sides and back of the scalp. These donor areas are categorized into two areas which are vice versa:

  1. Weak donor
  2. Healthy donor

Weak donor area is that area which is not having good density of hair. Average total donor supply hair can range from 4000 TO 8000 (or more) grafts. The total recipient area in full male pattern balding (front and crown) may have had as much as 20,000-25,000 FU’s before hair loss started.

Healthy donor area is the area with the denser amount of hair. If the patient is having healthy donor grafts then the results of the hair restoration growth cycle will definitely be splendid.

Cost of hair transplant:

The cost of the hair transplant treatments varies. There is no uniformity in the cost of it, as its cost varies according to the need of a client scalp grafting and the crowning hair area of a patient.

Environment of a clinic:

Hair hub provides the pure clean hygienic environment to its clients with professional proficient staff and sterilized equipments. Our compassionate staff dealt its client with full of empathy, honesty and devotion with optimistic approach.

Steps taken by Hair hub before conducting treatment:

Hair hub pampered it clients with full of care and devotion. In the purpose of eliminating the further troublesome moments and side effects Our skillful acknowledged staff takes all the necessary steps ,tests , and medical history of its client before the treatment, so that in this way all these conducted tests and precautions helps the client and our surgeon.  Patients with medical history deal with special necessary precautionary measures.

Our entire hair hub staff treat its clients so nicely and humbly in a very friendly environment so one can feel comfort zone while discussing all the psychological and physiological fears and inferiority complex regarding baldness and hair loss with our team. So feel free to contact in order to get best hair transplant with good hygienic services.

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