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Hairhub is one of the best Hair Transplant Clinic in Islamabad. It had been established with the objective of nurturing up the superiority of life for individuals stressed persons and provide the best Hair Transplant surgery & other Cosmetic Surgery facilities under a particular roof. In Hairhub, cleanliness values are preserved to supply a hair transplant clinic that’s excellent to a Selection.

Hairhub provides the up-to-date procedures of Follicular unit transplantation(FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Hairhub as well provides the up-to-date and the most modern technique the PRP procedure. Get your accepted hairs back in the superlative hair transplant clinic! Join us for the preeminent and newest hair fall treatment.

Our Services

Hair Transplant

Hair Transplantation Is A Surgical Technique That Removes Hair Follicles From One Part Of The Body, Called The 'Donor Site', To A Balding Part Of The Body Known As The 'Recipient Site'.

PRP Treatment

PRP Uses Injections Of A Concentration Of A Patient's Own Platelets To Accelerate The Healing Of Injured Tendons, Ligaments, Muscles And Joints

Beard Hair Transplant

Beard Transplant Is A Hair Restoration Method In Which The Surgeon Transplants Beard Hair To The Scalp Using Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)!

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Elective Procedures Are Performed By Doctors From A Variety Of Medical Fields, Including Plastic Surgeons. - Cosmatics Surgery By Professional Beauty Experts!


FUT Is A Hair Restoration Technique, Also Known As The Strip Procedure, Where A Patient's Hair Is Transplanted In Naturally Occurring Groups Of 1 To 4 Hair!

Cosmetic Injectables

Cosmetic Injections Are Injectable Substances Used To Reduce Facial Wrinkles And Lines. Cosmetic Injections Include: Dermal Fillers. - Cosmetics Injectable for Skin Care & Laser Treatments!

We Diagnose & Treat Hair Loss

Mostly hair transplant centers are focusing on branding and marketing. They are using boiler and dry heat. Hair Hub is using advanced technologies and equipment such as we are using B Class Autoclave which is highly required to meet International Standards.

Types of Hair Loss:

Hair loss delinquent in this 21st century come to be one of the utmost common health problems that normally disturbs the self-confidence and over-all well-being. Although a lot of people think through their hair loss is in arrears to genetics, several people that feel pain from alopecia, or further circumstances of hairlessness, humbly don’t know what to do in this circumstance, shave their heads, wearing some bigger hats. By chance, there are numerous solutions for hair growth as there are a lot of forms of treatments to decrease, converse, or renew our hair loss.

✔ Androgenetic Alopecia:

This one is the supreme common type of hair loss, in which the hairline moves away and hair on the upper of the head and shrines thin out. It affects around about 50% of all males through the age of 50.

✔ Alopecia Areata:

Alopecia areata is categorized by variable hair loss and is of utmost mutual in youths and young grown persons. In numerous circumstances, hair cultivates back in a rare month. In London, alopecia affects one or two persons in all 1,000.

✔ Telogen Effluvium:
This is cracking and loss of the hair. Telogen effluvium happens typically later disease, or your body has felt a worrying incident, such as labor pains, surgical procedure, or rapid weight loss. This type of hair loss is commonly for the short-term.

✔ Alopecia totalis & Alopecia Universalis:
Alopecia totalis is a wide-ranging loss of hair on the top of the head, and alopecia Universalis a comprehensive loss of hair on the head and overall the body. In both situations, hair is improbable to grow back if the loss of hair has been produced by a distressing happening such as chemotherapy.










Types of Hair Transplant

✔ FUT Hair Transplant (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

FUT is an innovative hair renovation procedure, in which the hair glands are exchanged with the strip. In this procedure, the specialist embeds thousands of implants in a particular session, which upturns the impact of improving surgery. FUT is the inexpensive hair relocate technique and prices 20-40 rupees per implantation. In a FUT process, a strip of skin with hair is impassive and the hair follicles since it is rooted in zones that have tight hair. FUT is an inexpensive hair transplant technique. The disadvantage to the FUT procedures is that they be able to leave an observable line mark.

✔ FUE Hair Transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction)

FUE is as recognized as follicular Transmission; in this, the hair follicles are take-out and formerly positioned in the smooth zone of the head. This procedure is more expensive than the FUT procedure. Follicular Unit Extraction, occasionally bring up to as follicular unit replacement, is the up-to-date procedure of hair reestablishment.

✔ PRP Transplant

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma is a serum reserved from your specific blood. This intense serum is overloaded with growing elements that benefit reduced hair follicles to turn out to be improved and begin generating further healthy hair progress.

A stem cell hair transplant is like a customary hair transplant. However, rather than eliminating an enormous number of hairs to transplant to the part of hair loss, a stem cell hair transplant eliminates a minor skin taster, as of which hair follicles are garnered. The glands are then imitation in a lab and embedded back into the scalp in the extents of hair loss. This consents hair to produce where the glands were in use from, also as where they’ve relocated.

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Sudhir Hafeez​ (CEO)

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Latest Technologies

We have all the updated and latest technologies to provide high quality services such as special biochemistry, histopathology, hematology, viral markers, tumor markers, ultra sound, x ray, E.C.G, E.T.T and ECHO.


Our trichologist care about your hair!

HealthCare Professionals

HealthCare Professionals

We have professional renowned Surgeons in Islamabad. They are responsible for demonstrating defined experience and exposure to the discipline’s cognitive and technical challenges at Hair Hub.

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Medical Excellence

We provide medical excellence with the help of professional and well experienced Surgeons, Physicians, Cardiologist, Orthopedic Surgery, Medical Specialist and Dental Surgeons.

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It is best place to get your hair treatment done. Reasonable prices and quality treatment provided by Professional and trained staff.
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Those seeking hair transplants often face the dilemma of choosing between Follicular Unit Transplant (strip method) & Follicular Unit

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Those seeking hair transplants often face the dilemma of choosing between Follicular Unit Transplant (strip method) & Follicular Unit


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We Have Separate Hair Transplant Clinic & cosmetic side as well, Treatment for Both Male & Female based On requirements!

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Hairhub also Provides Private Consultancy For Hair Transplant or Cosmetic Related Problems With Complete Solutions!

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Hairhub Providing Services Since 3+ Years In The Field Of Hair, Skin & Beauty With Positive Customer Feedback!

Strength of Artificial Hair Transplant Islamabad

The main advantage of artificial hair embeds is that new “hair“ is further, and the outcome is instant. The preliminary embedding of separate reproduction hairs sources only slight distress to the scalp, and the persistent can appreciate new hair instantly after surgical procedure.
The artificial hairs are retained separately for an accurate exterior, and they look and style in an approach like to real hairs. The reproduction hairs can be embedded into an entirely bald part or scattered amongst natural growing hairs. Exposure is challenging, as long as that there is no skin irascibility.
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Different other medical procedures for hair renovation, the addition of the simulated hairs is a very easy medical procedure, and there are no incisions required to harvest giver follicles or change the scalp.

Different other medical hair restoration processes that move live hair follicles, reproduction hair embedding, preserves hair compactness in the zones immediate the thin zone or bald spot.

Artificial hairs remove the distress of a hairpiece coming off by chance. While special shedding comes about, the artificial hairs won’t drop out entirely at as soon as. Inserted hairs are protracted, while not perpetual. The artificial fiber shafts grow into damaged and irregularly breakdown, and the body’s protected system ultimately throwaways the artificial origins. Artificial hair embeds keep on in the scalp for numerous months, on ordinary.

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