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For evaluation, the first visit is compulsory as Hair Hub evaluates the patient. He takes the Medical history of the patient. On the other hand, he evaluates the BMI, weight loss history, medicines intake, and other important aspects. So thigh lift surgery information utilizes to make a decision as if the surgical procedure will be beneficial for the patient or not. However, he evaluates the laxity of skin, the tone of skin, quality, and abdominal laxity. He explains the advantages, side-effects of the recovery and surgery.

Thing lift surgery procedure can also perform by following two methods. In addition to this the patient can select it separately or along with lower body lift. The vertical thigh lift surgery recommends for the patients who have thigh laxity. Contradictions However the contradictions related to this issue include diabetes. Because it cannot handle properly anticoagulant medications, smoking, issues are related to wound healing, malnutrition, lymphedema, and DVT.


First of all the marking is done in the standing position. Secondly local or general anesthesia administers to start the thigh lift surgery. After that incisions are made carefully. Hence it dissects the fats and excessive skin out of the body. Sutures use to close wounds. So, a surgeon also makes dressing for it

Postoperative Care And Recovery

About 2 to 3 days of bed rest is advised to the patient. After that Thigh lift surgery the patient will not be required to indulge in any heavy activity for 2 to 3 days. After that the patient can initiate normal routine activates. So the bruising and swelling may take almost 7 to 14 days to settle. In short 1 to 3 months are required to see the final results.


There are some complications of Thigh Lift: 

2) Swelling
3) Bruising
4) Infection
5) Hypertrophic scar
6) Scar widening
7) Seroma 

However all of above are certainly some complications. But some careful instructions lead to reduce these complications.

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