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Patient evaluations are done for rhinoplasty surgery in detail during the consultation. It is about the history of the patient’s nasal issues, breathing issues, trauma, cosmetic concern and expectations, and outcome. After that detail medical and nasal history examination is done from the front view, lateral views, basal views and birds-eye view. So, Quality of skin, symmetry and nasal deviation, bony vault, mid vault, dorsal aesthetic lines, nasal tip, alar rims, alar base, and upper lip assesses on frontal views and deviation from normal also notes and informed to patient. 

Rhinoplasty Surgery Procedure Rhinoplasty Surgery (Nose Job) Islamabad - Pakistan

After evaluation Nose Job surgery also performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. So Rhinoplasty Surgery can perform with the close approach and open tip incision approach. During, close approach no incision gives over columella, rather an incision gives on the inner side of ala or behind columella. On the other hand, Nasal dorsum, tip, hump, and lower lateral cartilages can address with this approach. This approach is good for mild to moderate deformity of these areas with quick postoperative recovery. It needs good expertise to be performed.

In addition to open approach, different incisions can give on columella like a stair step, v shape or inverted v shape incision given.
1) Cartilages separated from each other.
2) Septoplasty is done, hump correction was done. If needed osteotomy done for nasal bones.
3) Spreader grafts also place if needed and spetum scoring can also be performed then work is done for tip correction.
After all hemostasis skin closes and splints applied and also dressing done.

Close Approach Rhinoplasty Surgery

Further following are some close approaches as

1)No scar over collumela,
2)Early post-op recovery,
3)Low swelling,
4)Less bruising,
5)Less edema,
6)Good for moderate to mild deformity

Open Approach Rhinoplasty Surgery

There are different approach to Rhinoplasty Surgery:

1) visualization of all structure
2) analysis of deformity
3) correction of problems
4) Good for moderate to severe deformity
5) All components are addressed properly
6) Septal cartilage can be easily harvested
7 Better results overall than the close approach

Rhinoplasty Surgery Complications

There is some complication in Rhinoplasty:

2) Hematoma
3) Infection
4) Wound dehiscence
5) Edema formation
6) Septal perforation
6) Epiphora
7) Anosmia
8) Nasal airway obstruction
9) Scarring
10) Asymmetry
11) Deformity and deviation

However, but with careful patient selection, proper evaluation, intra op care and postoperative care complication of Nose Reshaping Rhinoplasty deal conservatively with good results. So the complication rate of rhinoplasty surgery in Islamabad is variable in between 5-15 percent.