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Fat Transfer Surgery (Lipofilling) – Non-Surgical

Lipofilling is also known as Fat Transfer or structural Fat Grafting is an established technique nowadays. In Lipofilling, a plastic surgeon uses patients’ own fat as a permanent filler to add volume and too soft his tissues. In this process fat is used with the following ways that include:

Uses Of Lipofilling

1) Tissue augmentation
2) Body contouring
3) Facial rejuvenation
4) Facial reconstruction
5) Romberg’s disease
5) Breast surgery both
6) Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

Best Candidate for Lipofilling Surgery

Fat Transfer Treatment is for those people who want to fill the specific parts of their body and interested in the fat transfer procedure. Mostly in this process face, lip and hands are filled with fat. It is also a good option for those patients who have asymmetric, small breast or some other irregularities due to birth. Hair Hub takes the fat from one area of a body and put it on another part to improve the overall physique through fat grafting. The patients must have good health and physical strength before undergoing the Lipofilling procedure. For the best Lipofilling candidate it is very necessary to inform Hair Hub about his history of abnormal bleeding or smoking beforehand. After that HairHub will consider whether you are good candidates for Fat Transfer based on their treatment goals and his wealth of expertise or not. Sometimes, the fat transfer can be accomplished under local anesthesia in Hair Hub. It is a versatile surgical procedure through which fat is transferred into many areas of a patient body. No matter a patient wants to avoid the risks of conventional breast implants or fix failed reconstructive and fat transfer as a superior option.

Procedure of Lipofilling

For performing the Lipo filling surgery suitable donor site areas for fat accumulating are recognize that may include the inner aspect of the knee, the thigh, the buttock, abdomen, love handles, back, upper inner arm and neck. These areas are a portrait to analyze the pre and postoperative results of Lipofilling. Lipofilling surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia but local anesthesia is used when small volumes of fat are required. The donor site is always penetrated with a blend of local anesthesia and adrenaline to minimize the postoperative discomfort and bruising. Lipofilling surgery treatment in Lahore is depending on the volume of fat to be transferred. In this process, fat is accumulating through 5mm incisions and placed on the lower buttock fold or areas that are commonly hidden by underwear. Depending on the indication and the preference of aplastic surgeon fat is aspirated at either high or low negative pressure.
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