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Ear Reshaping Surgery (Otoplasty)

Evaluation Of Otoplasty

Proper evaluation for ear reshaping surgery in Islamabad is very compulsory. A patient needs to know if this treatment will effective enough for him/her or not. HairHub the best cosmetic and plastic clinic, do appropriate evaluation. Therefore we observes the size and shape of the ear for ear reshaping surgery in Islamabad in order to mark the normal size that you will get.

Procedure Of Otoplasty Ear Reshaping Surgery (Otoplasty) Islamabad

It is necessary to follow preoperative instructions to go for the ear reshaping. So the Ear Reshaping Surgery treatment can perform in an outpatient setting. Certainly 1 to 2 hours are required to complete this procedure. In case of an increased level of severity, it may take up to 3 hours or so.

First, Anesthesia administers that is general in most of the cases.
Second, Incisions are depending on the area where alterations require. It can be behind your ears or under the folds of the ear.
Third, The repositioning is done as per the required size and shape.

A 4-years child can get the treatment. However, it can be delayed until 10 years of age. Also, it depends on the nature of the specific case.


Hair Hub performs the Otoplasty in an artistic way. No complications occur. So, the following can be the possible complications.

Cartilage exposure
C shape deformity
Keloid formation
Under correction
Hypertrophic scar

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