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Filler Injections/Injectable Dermal Fillers Islamabad

Filler Injections/Injectable Dermal Fillers Islamabad

Types Of Filler Injections Surgery Islamabad

Evaluation Filler Injections/Injectable Dermal Fillers Islamabad

However, in addition to this appropriate evaluation is necessary to know which type of filler injections surgery treatment will work for the patient. So, Careful selection helps to attain the best possible results. Therefore, the first visit is settled for this purpose. First of all, a plastic surgeon evaluates the functional anatomy. After that, he considers the skin texture, the severity of the problem, and other important aspects during the process. In addition to this HairHub provides a brief overview of filler injections surgery treatment, pros, complications, and cons of the treatment.

Techniques Of Injections

Furthermore, the antiseptic material uses to make the skin germ-free. After preparing the area, the selected injection is injected into the skin in a technical way. The blunt cannula or small needle used to inject the material so that any kind of damage can be avoided. After that, Hair Hub provides the skin with a message so that the injection gets spread into the area and provide accurate contour. Various available techniques include cross-hatching, radial fanning, serial puncture deposition, and linear threading. Hair Hub is an expert in all kinds of latest techniques of filler injections surgery treatment.

Areas Can Be Treated

Main areas of filler injection in Lahore are

2) Tear Trough
3) Marionette lines
4) Pan facial volumetric augmentation
5) Facial lipoatrophy
6) Glabellar lines
7) Malar augmentation
8) Scars and deformities
9) Nasolabial folds
10)Hand Rejuvenation
11) Jawline augmentation
12) Nasal reshaping
13) Cheek augmentation
14) Forehead lines
15) Lips


However, the following are the advantages of filler injection surgery, So observe them carefully during the understanding of the surgery advantages:
1)Non-surgical nature of the procedure
2)Outpatient procedure
3) No anesthesia is required
4) Minimal downtime
5) Quick recovery
6) No scar
7) Fast results