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Hairhub is one of the best Hair Transplant clinics in Pakistan. It had been established with the objective of nurturing up the superiority of life for individuals stressed persons and provide the best Hair Transplant surgery & other Cosmetic Surgery facilities under a particular roof. In Hairhub, cleanliness values are preserved to supply a hair transplant clinic that’s excellent to a Selection.

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Hairhub provides the up-to-date procedures of Follicular unit transplantation(FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Hairhub as well provides the up-to-date and most modern technique of the procedure. Get your accepted hair back in the superlative hair transplant clinic! Join us for the preeminent and newest hair fall treatment.

Meet Farukh Nosheen

Farrukh Nosheen is a highly esteemed hair transplant specialist and consultant based in Islamabad, Pakistan. With a passion for helping individuals regain their confidence and self-esteem through hair restoration, she has earned a reputation as one of the most skilled and sought-after professionals in the field. Her expertise, dedication, and commitment to providing exceptional patient care have made her a prominent figure in the hair transplant industry.

hair transplant islamabad

Benefits Of Hair Treatment:

The following are the benefits of Treatment.

FUE option is considered less invasive more than that the removal of skin from the donor site is not essential. It is a scar less technique. In this technique, there is no strip-cutting that’s why no linear scar left at the donor site. This is the best so far technique for the individuals with serious balding. It has the ability to produce hair follicles from almost any area of the body. FUE is perfect for those looking for a minimal downtime after the surgery. It is a quick recovery process. It has scars and the healing process is quite fast

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We Have Separate Hair Transplant Clinic & cosmetic side as well, Treatment for Both Male & Female based On requirements!

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Hairhub also Provides Private Consultancy For Hair Transplant or Cosmetic Related Problems With Complete Solutions!

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Hairhub Providing Services Since 3+ Years In The Field Of Hair, Skin & Beauty With Positive Customer Feedback!