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Genital Surgery

Male Aesthetic Genital Surgery Options

Female aesthetic genital refers to the cultural inspiration for every girl and woman because it comes to the personal idea of beauty. Therefore, procedures that are available to achieve desired results include labia minora and major reduction also known as labioplasty, mons pubis correction, hymenoplasty, genital hair removal, and vaginoplasty.


In addition to this, the initial visit is necessary for genital evaluation. So, a surgeon listens to the concerns of the patients carefully. Further, he also takes their medical history. After that, he assesses their deformity and informs the possible outcomes to patients. The possible benefits and complications are also discussed with the patients finally, he discusses the genital surgery procedure and recovery time with patients.

Procedures Of Genital Surgery

Firstly, local anesthesia administers to the patient to start the genital surgery. It can perform in an outpatient setting and the patient can go back to the home on the same day. So, the genital surgery procedure is performed on the basis of the selection of the method. However, it performs in a very careful way with full privacy and confidentiality. Finally, a surgeon does the dressing after the procedure and prescribe some medicines to the patients.

Post Operative Care And Recovery

However, it is necessary to follow the instructions provided by our expert cosmetic surgeon in Hair Hub because these instructions help the patient to recovery quickly. The swelling takes almost 5 to 7 days in the settlement. Therefore, the patient requires to do not indulge in any heavy activity for at least a month. After that, other instructions for genital surgery are provided on the basis of the specific case.